A mindful approach to health and wellness
that actually works...


Establish a solid foundation of movement competency.

It's all about movement. Encouraging your body to move the way in which nature intends.

I teach mindful movement, rather than simply training muscles.  

Using movement and unconventional training methods that instinctively encourage a mindful presence, your training is enhanced through a clear mind and a grounded emotional state of being.


movement assessment

Start with an in-depth assessment of your fundamental movement competency. The movement screen will identify aspects of your physical movement that need to be addressed prior to starting a training program.


8 week program

The 8 Week Program is the perfect program for improving your physical abilities. Included is the “Movement Assessment” followed with 7 weekly sessions.  


Personalized program

The personalized program service is for individuals that are unable to train on a weekly basis or unable to commit to an extended program. This program provides flexibility to keep you moving well.

Emile’s coaching has worked perfectly for me. Emile started by assessing my general fitness. He has gradually progressed my program vastly improving my strength and fitness. Just last week I was able to squat without any pain in my knees. This was something that I did not think was ever possible. Because of the work with Emile, my husband and I were able to finish hiking the Northeast 111, all of the mountains in the northeast over 4,000ft. in elevation.
— Deborah Haynes