Moving into 2019

Happy New Year! Welcome to the Mindful Movement Coaching blog.

We often use the New Year as a catalyst to instill a new behavior or return to a previous behavior in an effort to better our lives. Would you agree these changes are often related to our physical health?

Our physical health influences how we feel about ourselves on many levels:

  • Physical Appearance.

  • Improve our health profile: cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, lose weight, lower blood pressure.

  • Improve our self esteem, help with mood or depression.

  • Walk up the stairs without fatigue, play on the floor with the grandchildren or improved functional physical capacity for a better quality of life.

What if we consider a different approach to improving our physical and emotional health? Instead of adding to our already busy lives (joining a health club or starting a diet), we start with restoring balance throughout our body? What science calls “homeostasis”.

Example: Instead of jumping into an exercise program, consider establishing better sleep health. The benefits of improved sleep will help in many of the areas listed above, yet sleep alone will not completely address those items. Without allowing for rejuvenation, we will not sustain an increase of physical demand on our body long term. Especially if we wish to address the items listed above through exercise and avoid taking medication.

Remember we want to foster a long term change for better quality of life, right?

Below is a Ted Talk about sleep. I hope those of you reading this will consider my point here. We should first address the fundamentals that influence the sustainability for a joyous vibrant life.

In conclusion, I acknowledge some people have clinical issues related to sleep. I’m empathetic to those individuals, as I have been there myself. My hope is to offer insight on the importance of a basic need we all will benefit from long term.