Movement Programs

Movement Assessment - $100

Starting an exercise program is the equivalent of going on a road trip, and without directions your exercise program can lead to nowhere. Starting with a “Movement Assessment“ to create a road map will:

  • Identify mobility restrictions & asymmetries

  • Uncover motor control & coordination issues

  • Address potential behavioral based movement issues

  • Establish a foundation for improved physicality

This is a 60 minute private session that includes an email follow-up reviewing your exercise program along with instructional videos created by Emile.

Leave your session with corrective exercises to address the priority issues and an evaluation that will serve as the foundation for your exercise program.

8 Week Program - $580

Designed to meet your individual goals and needs identified in the Movement Assessment, this 8 week program provides a great starting point into a healthful way of relating to your body and moving towards an improved quality of life.

  • One Movement Assessment

  • Seven 60 minute private weekly sessions

  • Each session includes an email follow up with custom exercise videos, resources, and weekly notes

  • Weekly email or text to check-in to keep you focused and on track

Please note: this program requires a commitment for the full 8 weeks.

Personalized Programs Packages-

The personalized program packages provide the best value for individuals committed to training on a long term basis. Once the “Movement Assessment” has been completed, Emile will help you decide which package is be best for you.

  • 45 minute private training sessions: 4 sessions package $280, 8 sessions package $520

  • 60 minutes private training sessions: 4 sessions package $300, 8 sessions package $560

  • Session review delivered by email $20 per session (session reviews not included in the package price)

    • Policy details:

      • 4 session packages need to be completed within 5 weeks.

      • 8 session packages need to be completed within 9 weeks.