Unconventional Training

Unconventional training is hundreds of years old, and has made a resurgence with individuals looking for a more realistic way to train their bodies. The mace bell, Indian club, and weighted club bell where the preferred training methods for the ancient warriors of the East.

Under the guidance of a trainer, the use of these modalities compliment the natural movement of the joints in the human body. Today we reference natural occurring movement about a joint as arthrokinematics. The ancient trainers knew the importance of training the human body in a manner in which it is designed to move.

Flow State is another benefit with Unconventional Training. One discipline of martial arts training is the practice of forms. Forms are a series of moves, one leading into the other that would help the practitioner maintain their technique. Performing a flow with these implements creates a workout one may seek from a boot camp or HIIT program, and with practice achieve a mental state of clarity. Not only do you experience the physical and mental benefits of this form of fitness but it’s FUN!

This video is about Mace Bell Flow #2