My approach to working with people is not unique, its how the ancients trained and viewed health. I believe that an integrative approach to health-wellness and fitness is the direction to take for vitality and sustainable health.

My experiences as a martial arts instructor, physical therapist assistant, and fitness expert over the course of 25 years has shaped my ideology of fitness. Our nervous system has a strong influence with the direction any program of physicality will lead you. Our breath is closely associated to our nervous system. Martial art masters, Tibetan monks, and yogi’s who are the forefathers of physicality all knew the importance of “breath”.

Integrating basic concepts such as breath work and basic movement abilities lay the ground work for sustainable vitality throughout our life. “Fundamental Movement” is my reference to: crawling, climbing, rolling, walking, squatting, pushing, hinging, pulling, and the list goes on. I get “you” the client to work within the parameters of what you have to offer at that moment to re-establish your fundamental movement abilities. Progression is exercising intent to master the basics through a methodical introduction of new skills centered around the principals of fundamental movement.

Emile helped me achieve what I thought was impossible—a squat! This might not sound like a major accomplishment, but for me this was monumental. Before training with Emile, I experienced knee pain for many years that inhibited my daily life and prevented me from doing activities that I previously enjoyed. Emile has taught me techniques to manage my knee pain and helped me relearn movement. Through lots of encouragement, support, and humor Emile has me squatting and having great fun with kettlebells. Before Emile having a day without knee pain was rare, now having a day WITH knee pain is rare.
— Jennifer Riccio