Success Stories

"As a former collegiate distance runner& marathoner it was a significant loss to be sidelined after a pelvic injury from giving birth made even walking painful. This set me up for a multitude of issues related to pelvic instability.Although I have found other ways to remain active including running for some periods of time (last good stretch was in 2002-4) I still missed it. Since working with Emile Smith I have developed more core stability and overall strength, allowing me to run again. His individualized approach and attention to detail has made all the difference. He has slowly eased me out of my comfort zone using the RIP trainer & TRX. Every workout is well thought out and he follows up with  videos and written cues so I can practice on my own. Not only is Emile an excellent trainer but he is a wise and caring person who is truly devoted to each of his clients."
--Dr. Laurie Reed  (Winner of The Tucson Marathon & Old Pueblo 50 miler in 1985, recent accomplishments winner of 10k woman's age group and woman's over-all 5k)  

"Emile Smith helped me achieve what I thought was impossible—a squat!  This might not sound like a major accomplishment, but for me this was monumental.  Before training with Emile, I experienced knee pain for many years that inhibited my daily life and prevented me from doing activities that I previously enjoyed.  Emile has taught me techniques to manage my knee pain and helped me relearn movement. Through lots of encouragement, support, and humor Emile has me squatting and having great fun with kettlebells.  Before Emile having a day without knee pain was rare, now having a day WITH knee pain is rare."
—Jennifer Riccio

"I credit my success as a triathlete to Emile Smith's guidance and expertise.With an emphasis on mobility, functional movement, and scrupulous attention to correct performance of exercises, he helped me get my injured knee in great shape. I have gone from the couch, to a 5k runner, to a triathlete able to compete successfully in Olympic and Sprint distances. Emile has that quality shared by a lot of great mentors—to meet an athlete where they are and help them develop and grow in their sport. He is encouraging and positive, has a wealth of knowledge, and is forever improving his own abilities as a trainer through ongoing education, training, and reading."
—Jen Duby  (Placed 2nd in her age group at the New England Trifest and the MascomaMan Triathlon)